Our Creative Director

Born and raised in Jerusalem, the city where past and present intertwine, my love for classical architecture and art always danced with my fondness for post modern designs.

 While studying Anthropology, European Studies and design, my vision for Gwenne took shape

I wanted to create a brand that melds the elegance of classical and mediaeval Europe and its legends, into today's fashion.  

So, I created Gwenne, a reflection of majestic sites and a conversation between times.

Our humble investor prefers to stay anonymous, born and raised in beautiful Ireland, a land that is one of my main inspirations for creation… helped this dream take shape and come alive


Now, I can’t wait to share this journey with you 


Yarden Maimon

Gwenne’s Story

Tradition Honoured, Reimagined for Modernity

Named for the Welsh word ‘gwyn,’ meaning ‘white/pure’ and ‘blessed,’ our brand revives nobel values and style, into contemporary fashion. 

Perfect for any outfit - day or night, Gwenne is about bringing back a touch of classic elegance to any look, with a unique, modern twist - each design, a personal statement of luxury, style, and heritage.